Friday, 11 May 2018

Premise Reflective Statement

This project has been up and down. I've enjoyed the production of the characters from a scribble on a piece of paper to what I have wanted. I wanted them to look Cartoon and not serious. I've spent though too much time on them, which as cause many other things not to be completed. such as animatic and a perfectly refined voice over, a better storyboard and environment. I have a voice over which has recently been done. It takes me too long to do one thing that i forget about the other stuff that needs to e done. but during this time off I will have everything in order and organize everything.
This unit has been up and down for me. I feel in myself that I could have done more in getting the required parts done. I am going to be working hard this time to be ahead for next year. I've slowed down this Year which I shouldn't have done and I need to catch up with everyone else.

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