Monday, 27 February 2017

Characters biographies

Captain Jones is a nasty piece of work. He owns the ship the mighty boat which is all run down and falling apart. His the boss of all the crew and doesn't take no for an answer. If his crew doesn't comply they walk the plank or get stranded on a deserted island.  

First mate Frank is greedy and has tried to take over from Captain Jones since he was recruited when he was a young lad. He is not a very nice man and will take anything of value that he can sell for gold to keep him happy.  

Crew member Mark is a huge giant and very dumb. He doesn't know anything and is not very good at his job. They keep him on because is the nephew of Captain Jones. Family stick together.

The premise of the story is that the three remaining pirate of the mighty boat land on an island. A map falls down showing where the islands golden cactus is. that shows when touched there's fame and fortune. they bicker and argues shoving and running towards the temple where it is. they touch it. poff they disappear. The island then shows three new cacti of the island  and pans out to see three other pirates walk up to the map and pick it up.

The golden cactus is cursed and every pirate that has ever gone on the island to touch it has turned in to a cacti that covers the whole entire island.

Other designs for my Art of

reflective statement

This unit for me has gone a lot more better. I feel more confident in my work and I feel that my skills have improved. This unit I felt more prepared and ready to learn. I kept more on top of my work and asked people for more help when I struggled. my skills have improved and I've become more confident in myself. there are still areas in which I need to better myself but with time them problems will disappear and I well be the best that I can. I was also happy that I overcome my fear of speaking out loud and hope to improve on it for next time. I still want to better myself and this unit has defiantly started it off.