Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Film Review The Shining

The Shining

Its a masterpiece of Modern Horror.
The film is based in a hotel in the mountains and shows us the life of the Torrance family and their fathers, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) decent into madness.
the film stats with a wide angle shot of a yellow Beetle, its a panoramic shot traveling through the sky, then ending up at the overlook hotel. the film properly starts with an interview of jack Torrance and the hotels manager. when in the interview he is warned about the last employer of the same job, which was the caretaker of the hotel that he murdered his family. Jack reassures him: "You can rest assured, that's not gonna happen with me. And as far as my wife is concerned, I'm sure she'll be absolutely fascinated when I tell her about it.". ( Ebert 2006)

figure 1

the film makes you feel isolated but not in that way. its a big hotel with many hiding spaces but no where to escape. it plays that game of hide and seek but with a tragic ending.
the film has jump scares but not in the film but with the transitions of the film when the days of the week pops up. its humours in a way. The Shining may be the first movie that ever made its audience jump with a title that simply says "Tuesday."(Maslin 1980)

figure 2
the film is confusing and there are many twists , puzzles  and its a labyrinth film. the film has so many turns and a confusing plot. what makes the film the way it is, is  how it uses different camera angles  to create an atmosphere of the main characters and there decent into madness. the director uses music to create a sense that something is going to happen, but then it changes. your always ready for something Stop correcting “because” of the screeching sound of the music then nothing. he plays on your emotions.
the camera angle gives the audience a sense of isolation being close up to the characters face then pans out to another angle then straight back to the characters face again. a great explanation of this is when Danny(Danny Lloyd) is on his tricycle weaving through the hotel corridors and then stops. the camera transitions from Danny to then the twins haunting the corridors. it shows them alive then dead then to Danny as his face expressions changes. "The carefully organized, seamlessly edited tracking shots and the complex musical textures of Gy├Ârgy Ligeti and Krzysztof Penderecki don't even offer room to breathe, and the disorientation causes the mind to grasp for gravity" ( Henderson 2007) 
figure 3
The haunted hallways of the Overlook Hotel in "The Shining" (1980)

A mansion of memories in “Last Year at Marienbad.” Bottom images: The haunted hallways of the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining.”


figure 1
figure 2
figure 3

bibliography Ebert 06) (Janet Maslin 1980) Henderson 07)

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Bouncing Ball

Animation of a bouncing ball
I have done two type of animate techniques.
The first was frame by frame and the second was motion path

Edward Scissorhand

The movie is set in an artificial world where a creepy haunted castle is purged on a mountain top view above a well placed storybook suburb. Its a weird by goof sitcom neighbourhood where all the houses are brightly coloured houses. the people are like wind up toys that do the same thing every time you start them up. that's whets its like there everyday. the person who is sort of normal is the Avon lady who sells Avon catalogues to the neighbourhood. she then tries the castle at the end of the street and has an idea to try the castle, which se then ends up doing. she enters the ground to se a fairy-tale scene with tingly music to match the scene with then becomes a bit more darker and she gets closer to the door of the castle.
she enters the castle to find that it is occupied by only one lonely young man with scissors for hands. she becomes scared but Edward assures her not to leave. She then tells him to come with her in her car to her home, which then gets the neighbourhood in a to be more nosy and wanting to now who the stranger is. She shows Edward around her house and shows pictures o her children, Kevin Kim and her husband Bill. He tells the story that is told in a flash back. he tells her that he was created by the mad inventor who was also lonely and needed a friend. he was on the brink of finishing with his intention hen he sadly died. That left Edward with scissors for hands and also leaving him all alone.
Inside the house before he tells them on how he was created. there is a scene where the movie changes becoming a situation which seems to be inspired by silent comedy . its where they are at the table staring at Edward who is trying to pick up a pea with his hands. it quite amusing in a way.
The film becomes more about him having a talent to do things with his hands, which includes cutting bushes to create wonderful masterpieces with them, to then cutting animals hair, to the cutting the neighbourhoods hair. that lands him to becoming a real human owning a bank account to then opening his own shop. this doesn't happen as one of the residence has a crush on him and tries to become more intermit with him which he doesn't like. when that doesn't happen she accuses Edward of attacking her, with he then runs back home to find that the whole neighbourhood have turned on him including the daughters boyfriend who tells Edward to do naughty things. Jim the boyfriend of Kim tells Edward to retrieve something for Kim, which Edward does as he has feelings for her. the both don't realise that the home his jims parents house which has an alarm system. this locks Edward inside and make the neighbourhood more angry at  Edward. they then say enough is enough and chase Edward back to the castle where both Kim and Edward are. Jim breaks in and attacks Edward who then stands up for himself. there is a brawl and he trips out of the window.
The daughter in the film is telling it as a story to a young girl who is in bed and is telling her that before Edward came down from his castle it never snowed but after he fell in love with her and they had to dance under the shaven ice that was being made from the ice sculpture, it snowed every year.
"this conclusions so lame its disheartening."Roger Ebert.1990
Photo featuring Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands) issued from "Edward Scissorhands" ( 968 x 720 )


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

uv Layout

this is my uv layout of three building blocks.
I understand how to use photoshop and maya together to create a picture on
an object.
I could improve on this by making sure that the letters and coloured pieces on the block are aliened
I will try next time and improve on what I have created.