Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ideas for Premise

  • Shoe over the fence. quite girl playing football outside kicks ball shoe fly's off foot lands over the fence. She then speaks for the first time and everyone cheers. in excitement. 
  • football (ball) journey getting put on the bench waiting to be chosen.
  • Buses (hateful) weird people who get on it and lateness crammed full of people. 
  • Car called minty green (rusting over time being negated
  • environment of family members growing up (interviewing) 
  • teddy bear dog (super hero)
  • The black and white tele in the attic ( creepy, made weird noises at night)
  • The ghost lives at grandparents house.
  • Imaginary Friend.    
  • homes of people then and now

1 comment:

  1. Jess - Unfortunately, these seem to vary from random 'events/images' to more vague 'topics'. Out of all of them the last one 'Homes then and now' seems the most accessible idea, however you need explain more about your thinking around this idea. I suggest coming to discuss it.